Kitchen Gadgets

Most people don’t take the time to cook food from scratch. Instead they purchase processed food that is full of odd sounding ingredients which are mostly preservatives and other additives. As the obesity rates seem to swell, it suggests that maybe the processed food could be a factor. Hopefully, there will be a movement back to good home cooked meals.

The Food Processor
Making home cooked meals is actually quite simple with the multitude of gadgets available for the kitchen. A good starting point is the food processor. This wonderful appliance has interchangeable blades and disks that allow for quick slicing and chopping, grinding, shredding, grating, pureeing and even the mixing and kneading of dough. Every cook can use this appliance frequently.

The Deep Fryer
Another appliance that enhances food preparation is the deep fryer. It can cook tasty dishes such as cod, shrimp, potatoes and many other types of fish, poultry and vegetables. Donuts are a special treat for the family too. The benefit of this appliance is that it can cook things quickly for those meals when not much time is available.

The Bread Machine
The bread machine works wonders with all kinds of good recipes. There are white breads, whole wheat, oats and more. These machines can made scrumptious dough for cinnamon rolls and pies. Baking with the bread machine fills the entire house with wonderful aromas.

Products For Dairy
Home made dairy products are the best so an ice cream maker and yogurt maker are essential and they are great tools that allow experimentation on a variety of flavors. Adding fresh fruit especially during the summer months will add so much enjoyment.

International Cooking
With so many recipes available on the Internet, there is always the option of trying new foods with an international flare. Food ideas from Asia are easily prepared with items such as the nonstick wok which has a number of accessories including bamboo utensils and steaming racks. Stir frying meats and vegetables create a delicious meal. There is also the bamboo steamer for more healthful meals of fish and vegetables.

Another interesting utensil for cooking is the balti pan which originated in Northern Pakistan. It is a cast iron pot with two handles used for cooking spicy dishes with such meats as lamb.

Kitchen Knives
Good kitchen knife sets are a must for the in-home chef. They are best kept in a knife block on the counter with an electric knife sharpener close by. Each type of knife is easily accessible for all types of cooking.

Great Cookbooks
Finally, all good cooks have a variety of top notch cookbooks. These books include most recent editions as well as those collected from years ago. Many of these books are kept on the kitchen bookshelf and they add a special décor to the kitchen.

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